The Gardner Wedding / by samantha daniels

When I photographed Jassa's sisters wedding in March of 2015 I truly felt like I had walked away with a whole family full of new friends. The Ferrell family is full of joy and are extremely welcoming, so when her mom, Kelly started messaging me about the barn I got so excited at the chance to work with them again! Shortly after I learned of Jassa's engagement to Charley, they visited the barn and booked it and The Kindred Collective for photography. We quickly scheduled the engagement and bridal session because they had a brief engagement. They are the BEST at planning a wedding and the short engagement proved to be no challenge for them. Considering most of the wedding was D.I.Y, including all decor and flower arrangements made by the Mother of the Bride herself, this wedding was nothing short of perfect!

First I want to share some of their engagement session that took place on the farm. It was lovely going back through these, to recall the deep love these newlyweds have for each other and all the love that surrounded them on their big day. This was third wedding and our largest one, at 300 {probably a little over} guests. We were a little nervous but in the end, the night went off without a hitch! I speak on behalf for everyone over here at Kindred Barn when I say we LOVE the Ferrell's and couldn't have asked for an easier third wedding. We are still new at this whole barn gig, after all! 

xoxo - Samantha Daniels, lead photographer at The Kindred Collective & Co-owner of Kindred Barn