These are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your questions on here, please reach out!

Q: What days are currently available for a wedding/event?
A: Visit Our Calendar for available and unavailable dates!

Q: Does the barn or the outdoor ceremony area have a sound system?
A: No, but we can recommend a great and affordable DJ!

Q: Do you provide table cloths/linens?
A: No, we don't but we have a relationship with RSVP out of Fort Smith and they take great care of our clients!

Q: Is set up and tear down included in the venue rental price?
A: No. Set up and tear down is to be completed in the 8am-midnight time frame of your rental day. In the event that there is not a wedding the day before yours, access for decorating/rehearsal may be allowed BUT is not guaranteed. Thankfully since we own our tables and chairs and the correct amount you need will be set out for you, this cuts down on a large part of the set up and tear down portion of the day. 

Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: Yes. Beer and Wine only, please. We do not provide the alcohol and we recommend consulting your homeowner’s insurance company for event insurance just so you are covered. 

Q: Do you require a licensed bartender?
A: No. They do not have to be licensed but you do need someone helping with distribution to make sure no one is over drinking.

Q: How many tables and chairs do you have?
A: We have 300 of our x-back chairs with enough tables to accommodate that 300. We have 25 sixty inch round tables, 3 wooden farm tables and 4 plastic 6 foot tables. 

Q: Can I have my bridal session at the barn?
A: Yes! For $150 you can rent the barn for 2 hours. We typically schedule bridal sessions on Tuesdays.

Q: If my wedding is on a Saturday and there is a wedding on that Friday, how/when/where can I rehearse for my ceremony? 
A: Traditionally, rehearsals are held the day before the wedding and in the same spot that the ceremony will take place. Since Friday and Sunday weddings are growing increasingly popular, access to the venue two days in a row isn’t often an option here at Kindred Barn. We recommend still having a rehearsal dinner as it is the only time you get with just your family and close friends but rehearsing the ceremony either the morning of the wedding, a couple hours before the wedding or wherever you choose to have your rehearsal. Mostly the rehearsal is for the wedding party to know what to do, so on the day of the wedding if the Bride isn’t wanting to see her Groom, she could always sit the rehearsal out, since she has the easy part of just walking down the aisle. **Booking tip: Friday weddings almost always score access to the venue two days in a row since Thursday weddings aren’t quite a thing.. yet ;)

Q: Do you have a list of caterers, florists, DJ’s and other vendors you can recommend for our wedding?
A: YES! We are more than ready to help with suggestions in all areas!

Q: Are we required to use certain vendors?
A: No, and we don’t charge anything for you to bring any outside vendors. 

Q: Can I bring my coordinator, DJ, florist, grandma, etc. out to visit the barn so they can see where I’m getting married? 
A: While we allow for one additional scheduled visit to the barn after you are booked, we ask that other visits be limited to our various open houses we will host monthly. 

Q: Does your outdoor ceremony site have power?
A: Yes!