Our favorite floor plans, so far... / by samantha daniels

After the initial shock that you are getting married in this big, beautiful barn wears off, reality starts to settle in... "How in the world am I going to set up our tables and chairs?!" While we have only had a handful of weddings, we are excited to show you some of our favorite ways the barn has been set up. 

If you're getting married between mid June-early September or late November-early March you may be considering having your ceremony AND reception indoors. We have learned that flipping the room after the ceremony is not as difficult as it may seem. 

At Murphy & Jacob's December 18th wedding, we set up 200 chairs. We left the tables decorated but up against the wall so guests could enter this split ceremony floor plan from all sides. This is a nontraditional way to set up for the ceremony but once we flipped the room it allowed for the dance floor to be under the wreath, which is where the couple also said their vows.

The bride still walks down the aisle to the groom, the guests just have a better vantage point all around to see the wedding. You are literally surrounded by those who love you <3

The bride enters the ceremony through our large barn doors and walks down this aisle you see above. As you can see in the photo below, the wedding party stands to the side of the bride and groom, just like they would in a more traditional set up. This specific ceremony set up allows for your photographer and videographer to have the ability to move 360 degrees around you, adding more angles to your wedding day coverage.

The flip could involve everyone in the room. Traditionally, guests would leave the barn and a team would flip the room, generally taking 30 minutes to an hour. If everyone contributes, it can take as little as ten minutes. As I've said before, these are all people that love you and will not mind helping move a chair or two. If they do, they can just sit the flip out and watch everyone else help ;)

The more traditional way a ceremony in the barn takes place is how Ainsley and Garrett set up...

Their tables were still set up to the side so this flip also took less than 15 minutes. 

There may not be a bad way to set up the barn but there are some ways that are more efficient and will take less time out of your reception. We believe in a streamlined process and making things as easy as possible. If you are still a little lost about how to set up, please don't hesitate to ask us.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, here are a few shots of how the barn has been set up for receptions!

If our handcrafted farm tables are separated, the 10 foot table can seat 10 and the two 6 foot tables can seat 8 each, for a total of 26.

If they are pushed together to form a giant head table, they can set 26 as well. 

Whether you have a large wedding party and want them to all sit together or want to reserve some tables for your family, the wood tables would be perfect.

Our circle tables can seat anywhere from 8-10 guests. If you're planning for 300 guests, our four 6 foot plastic tables will also need to be used and those can seat 8 each.

We look forward to all the set ups that 2017 will bring! Happy planning <3